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Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
Is that a Roggenrola in the first screenshot? If so, then lol.

Anyway, the cave and gym tiles are looking very nice, but I think Starly's sprite is too small - I mean, it looks seriously tiny. Good work and all that jazz

Ya Roggy.
Thanks. But tiny birds must be tiny to be tiny.

Quote originally posted by CrimsonChronoX:
This looks awesome so far. If you add fakemons, i would suggest you making good ones. Fakemons for me, makes the game more interesting. Gives you more pokemon to catch, and is always a better change to have different pokemon to use then the regular ones.


Quote originally posted by Chaos Rush:
I'm just curious, but why am I in the credits?

Idk I think it was a few sprites I used for your resizing project. Idk if I'm still using them though.

Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:

Familiarity anyone? XD
Feel free to keep it as it is, though. It's not like it has copyrights reserved or something.

Lol, I only noticed that a while after making my Gym xD

Quote originally posted by Omega Zero:
good tiles and such and your scripts are great!
btw *off topic*
what if more people vote against you smell? :D

Then I need a bath

Horrific Update.

My Mum deleted all of the Pokemon stuff from my desktop and pictures folder. Guess what? DarkGrey's folder(along with my other hack's folder) was on my desktop.
So yes, my hack has been deleted. Don't worry though, because I still have a patch of my ROM somewhere. However, I'm not sure how much there is. I don't think I really did much other than insert a few overworlds (which weren't too hard to make tbh), insert a few sprites and insert a few tiles (OK, now that will take a while to fix). So yeah, hack delayed for a while I guess. :\

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