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Quote originally posted by artemismoon:
Hexagonal Brothers were on of my favorites. they seem to be lovable bad guys..just cause they are stupid. i also liked eagun. who the heck is this wes guy everyone is talking about? i have played these games and i got nothing. then again i am very sleepy. i also like secc and nett, bitt, marcia and the rest of the kids grid characters. and of course the pokemon.

ps. just wondering i haven't really finished the XD game, is the hero's dad the guy you played in the colosseum game? and what the heck happened to his dad anyway? i haven't finished colosseum either. lol. i am too lazy.

Probably not. XD only took place five years after Colosseum. I'd estimate Michael, the main character from XD, is 10 years old, while Wes from Colosseum is about 16. That means he had a kid when he was 11. I don't think it ever says what happened to his dad, which is the case in most Pokemon games.

About the end of Colosseum, let's just say there's an unexpected character who turns out to be the leader of Team Cipher.

About the end of XD, there's another unexpected character who turns out to be the leader of Team Snagem.

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