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Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
My first town Map!

Please tell all your honest opinions, comments, ideas and reaction(violent or non-violent! xD)

I made this map last year and I happen to see it again while looking for stuff so it's a very very old map! :D

Rom: Pokemon Fire Red
Game Title: N/A
Map Name: N/A
Credits: Crimson Stardust, DrFuji and
Ray Maverick for the Inspiration

This map looks very nice, it generally allows the player a good degree of movement freedom. Many people see the small round bushes as being designed to be placed in corners or other areas where they look nice, rather than being a major part of the map like they seem to be doing in yours. In your town, the bushes look like they are obstacles for the player to walk around which goes against their purpose and their design. I'd advise cutting back on them (especially in front of the lab) and moving them to less conspicuous areas so they aren't an annoyance to the player.

I believe that you should use all of the regular ground tiles that are available to you (there are five in the default FR/LG main tileset) because it prevents the ground from becoming monotonous and boring. You've done a good job with the tree shadowing even though is hard to see because the file is saved as .jpg but I can see four errors in the top left, where some tiles need to be shaded. The small sign behind the house on the left seems to be oddly placed, since from a design perspective it doesn't seem like an accessible place to read it - There is a one-tile path in front of it which isn't player friendly.

Overall, I think you've done a great job on this map, but few small changes will help make it even better. Well done :P

Originally Posted by MayanMan2012 View Post
Here's an image of KELIA FOREST - a Location in a hack I'm working on. I'm not very good at forests, caves, etc. so I wanted to post it here to see how you guys found it.


You appear to have two different styles of mapping in this map - The 'natural' style that makes up the majority of it, and then the 'Nintendo' style which constitutes the path running up the left and borders of the map. While there is nothing wrong with using them both, it is certainly strange to see the two so close to each other. I would also have to say that your uses of them haven't been particularly successful, seeing as how the centre (natural) of the map is basically composed of one-tile paths, while the left (Nintendo) side is just one long and boring straight line for the player to walk down. I like your use of the natural style so the player could get lost in the deeper parts of the forest, but don't be afraid to give the player more space to move, since at this point it is very restrictive in how it lets the player traverse it's twists and turns. As for the path going up the left, try adding some bends in it, or make the player walk through some grass or something (it is beside a forest so I'd be surprised if no grass had overgrown it's boundaries).

I think you should reconstruct the part of the map where the land meets the water, since the player should technically be allowed to surf there and go down a one-tile path that leads to nowhere, making it essentially useless. Consider closing off access to the water by placing a default FR/LG tree or expanding the area where the player is able to surf so they won't feel angry that they had to go down a tiny crack for nothing. If you feel like adding it, you could add a small island or extend a part of the mainland with something on it in-game so they actually have something to reach when surfing. I've also notice some shadowing errors on the default FR/LG trees in the bottom left and two of the forest's trees are missing their tops in the lower half of the map. Once again, like I said to nasonex and two others in my last post, try using all of five of the default ground tiles that are available to you :D

Overall, I believe that this map could use some improvement. I really like how you have made it easy for the player to lose themselves in a winding forest, but don't sacrifice mobility to achieve this. I believe that focusing on this and making the long path up the left entertaining will help to make this map better :)
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