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Quote originally posted by KingSnivy:
Me and Minezumi/sm97 make good sprites (actually overworlds), Check 'em out at dA.
Snivy, he already knows I'm an overworld spriter. I made the video. If you watched it to the end you'd see it. And I'm actually with KingCharizard in this one. NEVER advertise on a s-mod's thread.

Quote originally posted by KingCharizard:
dude, did you really just advertise in a super moderators topic? not a wise choice.. but she looks nice luke, it would be nice to see her in her actually enviroment
Thanks for the compliment. In the next video, I'll have her somewhere more appealing and around B/W styled overworlds, so don't worry.

Hooray! I finally finished the sprite! I think the map looks good too.

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