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Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
So after Arceus goes about creating everything that exists ever, as goes the general idea of pokémon world creation, Lugia and Ho-oh just happen to meet each other and say, "What up?" and this makes a pokémon stronger than Arceus? Really?
That's a little over the top, I think. So are dark rainbows.

So far as I'm concerned, you may as well throw Lugia and Ho-oh out of it entirely and give Shaderain some other method of creation. Really, the only part of that that makes no sense are the parts you've adapted from other pokémon; again, the fact that Shaderain could take Arceus down and so on.
Shaderain created a world in a different universe than Arceus. So, if it can make worlds just like Arceus it's possible it could defeat Arceus. Because really every pokémon could take down Arceus by themselves it is possible. All Arceus did was create the Pokémon world. Not become invincible.

And besides arceus is not related to the story-line at all and does not appear in game. If you want I shall get rid of the Arceus bit.

And Lugia and Ho-Oh passes cross for a split second due to the high speed their flying at. The speed the use and the power they have are let out and then sealed into Shaderain's egg. They do not know of said egg. The egg vanished into another universe.
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