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Hey everyone, don't forget to post! Most of you are doing fine, but others haven't begun battling yet. Although it's no problem at first, I will need you to post eventually. As for the rest of you, go at your own pace. The portals don't all have to close at the same time, and some of yours will close before others. Your portal will be closed when you believe enough people have been eliminated. You can control your portal, in other words. Here's a list of the portals so far, and which ones have and have not been closed. I'll keep updating it as we move along.
  • Magma Portal:
  • Ice Portal: Closed
  • Desert Portal: Closed
  • Forest Portal: Closed
  • Bog Portal: Closed
  • Ocean Portal:Closed
  • Mountain Portal:
  • Skyscraper Portal: Closed
  • Sky Portal: Closed
  • Cavern Portal: Closed
  • Arena Portal:
  • Plain Portal:Closed
  • Nightmare Portal: Closed
  • City Portal: Closed
  • Darkness Portal:
  • Death Portal: Closed

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