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Quote originally posted by KingSnivy:

@Kyo The Pro
Stop it guys, you say the story is boring/pointless, flamemaster made it
And did you even looked at the other games? Alot of games choose their own choice of starters, I mean. Did you even saw Pokemon XENOTIME? It has Bulbsaur, Cyndaquil, and Mudkip as starters. Sigh.
So here is a post wherein you prove that there's another thing you're not doing, and you're also flaming another game. Good work, young man.

Quote originally posted by Nickalooose:
Well done King Snivy, i think your making progress, even if it is just a little a day, some people, try too much at one go, and completely fail, keep doing the little things, you can only get better =), maybe try working on your mapping a little, i'm not that good a mapper myself, but i try my hardest to make the maps look like I want them, create your game, if people want to play, good for you, the ones that don't, just think of it as "it's their loss".

I like the animated intro too, good work. x
The main problem is that the progress doesn't seem to be pushed along by KingSnivy himself. It appears to be done basically by everybody else.
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