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Originally Posted by TheDarkShark View Post
@DavidJCobb: lol, while fiddling with the values in the memory viewer i managed to open a second textbox. All it does is showing the same text though...
Here's what I did: open apply a new value to the text box's y coordinate (in this case i chose 8) and open the text box. While it's open, apply a new value (here 0xf) and return to the game. when pressing A it will open the second text box.
Actually, only the second text box will be hidden when the script is ended, the first one is cleared.
Just in case you can use this...
Ah, yes, you've taken advantage of our ability to modify the textbox's recorded coordinates before a screen repaint erases it. It is a clever technique.

However, I am looking to do something more ambitious: my goal is to manipulate the textbox generated by the showcoins/showmoney commands. These boxes, unlike the standard ones, are variable in size and can have their positions changed without properly-timed memory alterations.

The uses for a dynamically-positioned variably-sized non-blocking second message box are many and varied. For example, in dialogue-heavy hacks, the second box could function as a nametag positioned directly above the standard one, thereby removing the need to repeat the speaker's name in the main dialogue.

I am still having difficulty dissecting and identifying all of the code, but I already know of two things I can try. Furthermore I plan on finding the offsets of every single piece of ASM code that runs as part of the showcoins functionality. I may also investigate showmoney functionality and look for commonalities. If I can't accomplish my goal, I hope to at least save a significant amount of time for others who may pursue it in the future.
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