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We all know how Arceus created the world of Pokémon. But, like any other god it has a opposite or an opponent or there are different religons with different gods in them. Some go as far as to say that there's parallel universes with other gods controlling them. Well, our story has all of the above, here in our world our god is none other than Shaderain, The Omega Pokémon. Shaderain was once a lonesome pokémon in the world. So, it created it's own partner, Arceus. They both became rulers of our universe and created our world and formed it with great power. Shaderain had to sacrafice 7 feathers of each element used to create life. These elements were Water,Fire,Grass,Wind,Earth,Light and Dark. Shaderain was proud of what he and Arceus made. Arceus however wanted it's own world, Arceus being a alpha Pokémon he created a portal to another empty world and left Shaderain to create his own world. Shaderain was furios and took it out on his world and made all the bad things like Death and illnesses and evil.
The seven feathers which Shaderain sacrificed were hidden from the world at Shaderain's command and have not been seen. But people fear that they will be needed to ressurect Shaderain to save our world...

Made after a long time of thinking. D:
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