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Originally Posted by Paavoli View Post
I want Shiny Dragonite and Shiny Rayquaza.
Im Offering Shiny EVd Arcanine, Shiny Machamp, Shiny Krookodile or Shiny Marowak and Focus Sash.
I'd like the shiny Machamp and Focus Sash please. Normally I wouldn't take an item for a shiny but this is something that I'm desperate for so I'll make an exception. Can you clone?
Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Do you still have TRU Arceus? I will trade anything on my thread for it.
pknight96's Super EHHH Trade Thread is it's name.
I'd like the shiny Bouffalant, please. You'll have to find someone to do the cloning though.
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