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Originally Posted by Nideous View Post
Hey, I was just looking at Sophrosune. Man, that luck system... I wish I had signed up when I had the chance. Anyway, since you imported the type system from there, were you going to use the luck system too? Either way is cool with me, of course. I was just curious...
Originally Posted by Nideous View Post

Hmm... Actually, since your OP in the IC thread says nothing about it, I'm going to assume that you aren't using the luck system here unless you say otherwise.
Unless eveyone who gets involved with this RP wants it, then no. I kind of made that "Chansey Grab Bag" game to make up for it.

Edit: Also, Skymin, you're accepted. You are exempt from an RP sample because you're the mod of the freaking section because I already have enough info on how you write. :3
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