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Aw, much better!

I got a present for you:

Acceptance! ....and Cake!

So I believe I get how he ticks now. Coldness runs his system, causing him to become confrontational without a reason, just to be snarky and pleased with himself. He's quite selfish and only looks out for himself usually. The only people he lifts this somewhat for is for whom he considers a friend; sticking up for them when need be. Everyone else can go 'f themselves basically, but occasionally, piled guilt can get to him and he tries to do what he believes it "right" and helping others he may not be too fond of.

No matter whom he is battling, he is cold with his Pokemon skills regardless.

He also tends to take risks to feel alive, because even though his view on life is dark, he feels the need to enjoy it, usually relying on chance to come out of the situation unscathed.

Was that a good interpretation of your words, mate?
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