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Chapter 4

Black Jack, Ash and Pikachu were walking through another corridor. So thats why this place looks so familiar, Black Jack said. Nothing but Team Rocket scrap.
Dont you mean Team Missile? asked a voice, who spoke through a hidden speaker. I thank you not to insult my lifes work that way.
What about my brothers, Mane? Black Jack snarled in reply. Why cant you just do your own real work instead of taking others, like Giovannis?
Excuse me, but I work real hard. Stealing, selling, advertising, those kind of things. Those things were pretty dull, so I wanted to get a promotion such as taking over the organisation, but Giovanni wouldnt let me have it, so I decided to play a little bit rough.
So youre the one who phoned the police how surprising
Youre lower than Giovanni ever was! Ash said.
Oh, I wouldnt call that low, Mane replied. By the way, congratulations on your victory with Professor Nanba. And Black Jack was right, that Electabuzz was getting chubby. On your next challenge, itll involve you two to act as a team. And your opponents are very familiar to both of you.

If Black Jack was once with Team Rocket, then he must know the two thats always causing me trouble, Ash thought.
Lets see Black Jack thought, trying to remember if any Team Rocket grunts that were good teammates. Nope, cant think of one.
Good luck on your next match, Mane replied.

Black Jack and Ash entered the next room. It looked like the same room before as it also had the usual battlefield.

Prepare for an impact of a trouble, said a womans voice.
Make it an impact of a double, said a mans croaky voice.

Two figures leapt out of nowhere and landed safely on the field. One of them was a blond woman who had a womans Team Rocket uniform on but without an R but with an M. Another one was a man with green hair, who had a mans uniform that had an M on as well.

To infect the world with devastation
To blight all peoples within every nation
To denounce the goodness of truth and love
To extend our wrath to the stars above
Team Missile, circulating Earth all day and night
Surrender to us now or youll surely lose the fight!

Black Jack placed his hand on his face in embarrassment. Gaah! he thought. Another reason why I left whatever the heck they are!
Cassidy and Butch! Ash shouted. Next to Jesse and James, I had a slight hunch it was you two!
Pipikachu! Pikachu cried in frustration, seeing the evil duos faces.
Life is full of surprises, kid, Cassidy replied. And you, Black Jack, its been a while.
Dont talk to me, Black Jack replied in disgust. Lets start the battle, so I can whip Manes butt!
Fine by us, Butch replied. We all use one pokemon each in a tag battle. At least this way we can finish you guys off before our lunch hour.
Dont be so sure, replied Black Jack as he picked out his pokeball. And since you guys want to finish this match quickly, then take this!

He tossed his pokeball and out popped Metagross! But neither Butch nor Cassidy were shocked to see it.

Ash took out his pokeball and tossed it out. I choose you! Sceptile!

Sceptile popped out of his pokeball and prepared for battle. Sceptile! the gecko pokemon cried.

They have no clue of what strategy we have to get rid of their pokemon, Cassidy thought. We have the type advantages against theirs.

She picked out a pokeball and tossed it out. Go! Nidoqueen!
You too, Typhlosion! Butch yelled as he tossed out his.

Both pokemon popped out of their pokeballs and yelled out their battle cry.

The eyes of Black Jack and Ash turned to look at each other, knowing that to defeat the duo of Butch and Cassidy, theyre going to have to work as a team. They may have the type advantages against ours, Black Jack thought. But they wont be confident for long.
I have tagged with other people, Ash thought. But Black Jack will be a whole new experience. Here goes

Sceptile! he cried as he pointed at his opponents. Leaf Blade attack!

Sceptile swung both his arms to make the leaves of his fly out and spin like ninja stars, aiming for both Nidoqueen and Typhlosion.

Typhlosion! Butch yelled. Flamethrower attack!

Typhlosion shot out a huge blast of flame at the leaves, burning them to crisp. The flame was reaching for Sceptile but he dodged out of the way. Ash smiled as he said, we have just taken a page of your book!
What!? the Missile duo yelled.
Metagross! Psybeam attack! Black Jack yelled.

Metagross did as he was instructed as he shot out two powerful psybeams out of his eyes and it hit both pokemon of Butch and Cassidy, knocking them down.

You see that!? Ash yelled. You two may have been battling as a tag team for so long, but Black Jack and I will show you the true meaning of teamwork!
Pika! Pikachu cried as he clenched his paws.
Hehe! Black Jack sjirachied. Ketchum couldve easily won the Hoenn League if it wasnt for me, but I can smash heads easily.

Black Jack snapped his fingers as he continued saying, Just like that. Lights out. The confident smirk that he made turned serious. Now, while theyre down! he shouted. Metagross! Stomp attack!

Metagross leapt into the air and his feet were about to land on the heads of both Tyrphlosion and Nidoqueen.

Dodge the attack, Nidoqueen! Cassidy yelled.
You too, Typhlosion! Butch yelled.

Nidoqueen and Typhlosion rolled out of harms way as Metagrosss feet landed on the ground, which caused an earthquake, making the trainers and pokemon to lose their balance.

Now, Metagross! Black Jack yelled. While everyones distracted, shoot out your Psybeams at Nidoqueen!
Your overconfidence will be your loss, Butch replied. Tyhplosion! Flamethrower behind Metagross!

Typhlosion shot out a lick of flame at the back of Metagross, causing major damage!

Metagross! Black Jack and Ash cried.

Sceptile! Ash cried. Use your Mega Punch at Typhlosion!

Sceptile dashed towards Typhlosion to attack him with his Mega Punch.

Too bad, Cassidy said confidently. Nidoqueen! Ice Beam!

Nidoqueen shot out a powerful Ice Beam at Sceptile out of her horn, also causing major damage!

No! Ash cried.

Black Jack snarled at the fact that both pokemon that he was battling with suffered huge damages caused by Butch and Cassidys underhanded moves. Metagross and Sceptile were lying on the floor, desperately trying to get up.

We told you that this will finish before the start of our lunch hour, Cassidy said. Nidoqueen! Freeze Metagross with your Ice Beam!

Nidoqueen shot out another Ice Beam out of her horn, creating a huge iceberg around Metagross so that it wont be able to move. Black Jack snarled again in frustration.

Butch and Cassidy then turned their attention to Sceptile, who was still trying to get up. Call yourself a champion now, kid? Butch asked. Typhlosion! Hyper Beam attack now!

Typhlosion held back his head as he charged up his powers, with Sceptile still struggling to get to his feet, but suddenly he felt that his spirit was broken. Ash had his determined look in his eyes. Sceptile! Get up! You cant give up! he yelled.

Typhlosion shot out his Hyper Beam attack at Sceptile. All Sceptile could do at that point was look at the attack coming to him.

An explosion occurred upon impact. Thats it! Butch shouted as he moved his thumb across his throat. You two are done!

As the dusts of the explosion cleared, it came a shock to everyone apart from Black Jack. Metagross was standing in front of Sceptile!

What! Cassidy yelled. But that Metagross was frozen in that Iceberg!
Metagross teleported out of there, Black Jack replied in an angry tone. Still using the two-on-one tactics I see! You two havent improved one bit since I last met you two!

Metagross turned round to check on his teammate. Sceptile smiled as he gained back his fighting spirit thanks to the friendship of Ash, Pikachu, Black Jack and Metagross.

Tag Teams arent about two guys picking on one when theres a chance, Ash shouted. You need to trust your team mates if you want to have any chance of winning!

Speaking of two-on-one, Black Jack said. Metagross! Show them YOUR Hyper Beam attack!

Butch and Cassidy and their pokemon noticed how angry Black Jack and Ash were as they began to have cold sweats. Metagross shot out two huge Hyper Beams out of its eyes at both Nidoqueen and Typhlosion, causing an explosion on impact.

Sceptile jumped to his feet, ready to receive an attack order from Ash. He turned his head round to look at Ash and nodded. Ash nodded in response and yelled, Sceptile! Use your Revenge attack and get your own back!

Sceptile dashed at the severely injured Typhlosion and Nidoqueen and knocked them into the air with a single but strong punch. They were sent flying until their backs hit the wall, falling down unconsciously. Butch and Cassidy screamed in disbelief.

I cant believe we lost! Cassidy cried.
Lost to a traitor and a stupid kid! Butch cried.
Oh, cry somewhere else, you big babies! complained a familiar voice.
Mane again! Ash cried as Butch and Cassidy walked away with shame.
Pi Pikachu! Pikachu cried.
Congratulations on your third and final challenge, you two, Mane said. Now you get to face me in a pokemon battle.
Huh! You sound confident, regardless of what were gonna do to you, Black Jack said.
Well, if you plan to ruin my plans for world domination, I wish you lots of success. Please proceed to the next and final room.

Black Jack and Ash called back their pokemon and nodded to each other, signalling that ready to give Mane a beating of a lifetime.

That wish is going to come true, Black Jack thought as he and Ash walked through the corridor. Were gonna do more than defeat you were gonna rip you apart!
Watch yourself, Mane! Ash thought. Were not gonna lose to you never!

Mane stood in a room similar to the one that Ash and Black Jack battled in and waited. If you two think you can walk in here and defeat me just like that, then youve underestimated my abilities youll see what I mean Hmhmhm

Next episode: This is it! The final task for Ash and Black Jack! Do they have what it takes to defeat Mane and his controlled yet improved legendary pokemon? Find out next episode!
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