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What time is it? Time to begin your journey!
(The person who wants to fill the Tyrogue spot can catch up easily)

Which means, the starter poll for my character Witthoefft is closed! What did you guys decide to give him?


Synchronoise: Noise Type; The user screeches a special frequency that will really hurt all those who hear it.... if they're the same type as the user, that is!
Sand-Attack: Haze Type; The user rapidly scratches the ground to throw dust-like particles of dirt at the foe, causing them to painfully get sand in their eyes and become temporality blinded somewhat.

Now... time for your journey, mates!
You just got your first Pokemon and just headed out from New Bark Town, the windy city of nothing-to-do. You feel the squishing on damp ground underneath your feet.



Route 29

Ah, and what a beautiful route it is! The grass on this route is lush and vibrant, and smells absolutely divine.... if, you know, you like the smell of the outdoors. The grass comes up to the top of your ankles and the ground is very moist, almost-swamp like. Everything on this route is overgrown! The trees almost make up a forest on its own. The nearby towns are definitely letting this place be retaken by good ol’ Mother Nature. Also, there is this feeling of joy coming from it, like it sticks a happy tune in your head that you just can’t get out. All the trees seem to really dry and perfect for firewood.... seems like the huge number of bugs have sucked all the sap from them each. The route is bordered by a tiny wooden fence that one could easily walk over. This fence is to guide you to Cherrygrove but also allow the smallest Pokémon to jump over and enter the route.

Route 29 is one of those kinds of things that you rather absolutely love or absolutely hate. You may find you love the vibes, the smell, the damp feeling on your feet as the moisture seeps into your shoes.... why wouldn’t you? These are all signs pointing to a grand adventure and discovery! You may find you want to burn down the place. That overly happy jibe is nauseating, the smells are putrid and pungent, and that freaking swamp terrain is ruining your shoes.

Pokémon-wise, this is a little critter paradise, meaning that there are tons of small-scale scavengers and tiny furry creatures that would make the coldest heart melt a little bit from the cuteness. The buzzing of bugs is also obvious and quite present. The Pokémon around here are easygoing, being so used to having people nearby and going through the route. Just as long as you don’t mess with them.... you should be fine. The local Pidgey have made their territory present, discouraging other types of bird Pokémon from making home here, besides from the elusive Hoothoots that hide in the trees. All these little guys love the delicious berries that grow here.

  • Pidgey (Colorless)
  • Sentret (Colorless)
  • Rattata (Colorless)
  • Ledyba (Insect/Aether)
  • Hoppip (Plant/Wind)
  • Hoothoot (Light/Wind)
  • Spinarak (Insect/Dark)
The route has two exits besides going back into New Bark Town to its east, one towards the north and one towards the west. The route can be accessed by jumping over the fence or going through the very small police terminal building in between the fence towards the middle of the route. You’ll wind up on Route 46 if you go that way. If you push through the route all the way to the west, following the fence borders, you’ll be in Cherrygrove City.

Route 46 (29 Entrance): [????]
Cherrygrove City: [????]

You're on your own! If one of you walk into a new part of the map, that part will reveal itself and after reading the profile, you may explore it.

You've already done everything you need to in New Bark Town, so please, continue onwards. If you want to mention something that happened to you before entering the route, go ahead, just get out of there eventually.

The story is yours! Get creative! Do what you want!
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