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Earl now has a Ferroseed. She (Yeah, it's a she.) is at level fifteen... Actually, you know what? Since John did a quick montage (Without me. Grr...), I'm gonna post up Earl's Pokemon's new levels. Nothing big, just a small update.

Leonidas (Croconaw) Lv. 22
Ice Punch, Bite, Water Gun, Superpower

Judas (Spiritomb) Lv. 19
Hypnosis, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Faint Attack

Brutus (Makuhita) Lv. 20
Fake Out, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Focus Energy

Joan (Yanma) Lv. 19
Detect, Sonic Boom, Quick Attack, Foresight

Mary (Gible) Lv. 20
Dragon Rage, Sandstorm, Take Down, Sand Tomb

Hera (Ferroseed) Lv. 19
Rollout, Curse, Metal Claw, Pin Missle

Yeah, I just did that. Oh, and sorry for not being on so much. I've been busy hanging with family.
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