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Quote originally posted by Bluerang1:
So what do you think about having to wear uniforms to school and not wearing uniforms to school? Primary/Elementary to Secondary/Middle to High School that is. Do you think that uniforms suppress freedom of expression or support equality? Does non-uniform promote superior and inferior feelings among students or does it give them the chance to express themselves? Discuss
Uniforms definitely support equality very literally. They also suppress one's freedom very clearly.

Being able to dress oneself does both promote superior and inferior feelings among students and gives them the chance to express themselves.

Quote originally posted by Benjamin Franklin:
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
My thoughts should be clear. Equality can take a hike.

In other news, trying to prevent bullying as a thing altogether is a hopeless cause. I think we should be focusing on helping children get through it instead. At least if we don't take away fashion, what someone's being bullied about can be changed or controlled with not all that much serious effort. I'd much rather be bullied about a choice of clothes or hair than something I cannot change such as height or complexion.
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