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@Skymin - When Adelle says that things are gay, does she realize what she says? KNOCK IT OFF.

There are no time-specific Pokemon, so just follow the route's/town's rubic on rarity. :3

Hm.... let me see a battle with the bird, and we'll talk. ;3

@Name7aken - VM/PM what's going to be in it and I'll see if I accept. :3


Adelle's Togepi "Pythagoras" is now Level Six!

Oh, and-


Route 46 (29 Entrance)

Once you come out of the trees surrounding it that come from the jungle that is Route 29, you’ll find yourself in a meadow of sorts. The soil is still a bit damp, but considerably dryer. The grass is cut down with a grade-A lawnmower, giving it the feel of strict regulation. This area is very small and closed in by the mountainous terrain that is the rest of route itself; the ledges are to steep to walk or climb up this way, so your only exit out of here was the way you came. The air is fresh, and you can feel the wind coming down from the mountain.

Nothing too special about this place- it’s pretty much the end of the route for trainers coming from Blackthorn City to go to New Bark Town or Cherrygrove. A couple of newbie trainers like to hang around here, it being so secluded and private without much fear of getting randomly attacked by the more wily of the wild Pokemon.

The Pokémon here are scarce, as they prefer the wood around them to this meadow. But, once in a while, one of the little guys will pop their head out to explore the area. They’ll stick out like a sore thumb through, making them prone to trainers and to other Pokémon that want them for lunch. But, they’re really nothing for them to scavenge here besides…. maybe rocks. So they’ll leave empty handed anyway. Speaking of rocks, there’s rumors that there are living rock Pokémon hiding in the ledges, are so says the guards in the police terminal. But, what kind of Pokémon is like that?

  • Rattata (Colorless)

·Geodude (Mineral/Ground)
·Spearow (Wind)

  • Phanpy (Ground)
As it has been noted, you can’t progress father into the route. The only exit is to head back south into Route 29.
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