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Quote originally posted by Amore:

PokéSpe: I like them all really, although I don't like Crystal and Platinum as much. Don't get me wrong, I like them, just something about them irritates me. Particularly Crystal. Honestly, when she got all upset and couldn't capture, I didn't even blink. Whereas when Red lost his will to battle, or Sapphire started wearing leaves again...that was emotional.

She cried because she wasn't able to understand Suicune. She said that so herself. I'm sure that you've noticed that as well.

I know, the above reason seem to be kinda weak. Okay, let me take a look at the panel where she cries. (Tin Tower version)

(I'm using the CY version.)
"And all I did was the attack him recklessly... hindering his intentions."

She probably felt bad for attacking him.

All Suicune wanted to do was simple; and that is to meet Ho-Oh. He could've done it fine without her interruption. But nooo, she had to hinder his intention and try to capture him. She could've seriously injured him if he hadn't set up his wall.

Um, I don't really know how to explain this but...

See, all Suicune wanted to do was such a simple thing, but she prevented him from doing so. She probably thought that she hurt his feelings too.

Suicune was a Pokemon with a good heart. <- Proven when he healed that Qwilfish and cleaned the sea with its powers. Unconditionally.
Normally, you wouldn't like to make someone with a "good heart" upset, right? (Maybe someone like Yellow? What if you had unintentionally hurt her feelings? Someone as kind and gentle as Yellow... Gosh...) Because you'll feel bad and feel that they don't deserve to be hurt by you. Yeah, it's somewhere along those lines. Which is why hurting Suicune mattered so much to Crys. So much that she started to cry.

As she sat on the roof of the Tin Tower, she recollected her thoughts and her battle with Suicune. The more she thought about what she did to Suicune, the more upset she became. I believe that this was also one of the reasons she cried.

And later on, wow, she even tried to cheer herself up and get back to capturing Pokemon! However, she didn't realise that she had been so emotionally scarred by that incident that she temporary lost her ability for capturing Pokemon.

Oh my god. Two setbacks in a row! And she's only 11! And, look at her face when she was unable to capture that Psyduck. ):

So later, she realised that she won't be able to finish the Pokedex if this continues. She wanted to call Prof. Oak, but... she didn't want to disappoint him. And remember, she agreed to complete the Pokedex for Prof. Oak in exchange for the renovation of the orphanage. The renovation must've cost a ton... how could she muster up the courage to tell him straight in the face that she's now unable to capture any Pokemon?

Yep, I think I'll break down right on the spot due to stress. But she didn't. That is, until her mother came running along...

I think her mom's appearance cheered her up a little. I mean, who wouldn't? Her mom was so bubbly and Crys probably missed her a ton.

And then her mom just had to show her the pokeballs that she brought... I can tell that Crys wasn't too happy when she saw that.

Then her mom asked her to catch the Azumarill. The last thing she needed was to fail another capture...

And then her mother asked her "What happened?".

I'm sure many of us here would break down straight away irl if you're feeling sad over something and TRYING TO NOT CRY and putting on a brave front for whatever reason and someone just had to notice that you're unhappy and ask you, "What happened?".

Oh, see, she said that she has an "important mission" to complete for Prof. Oak and that she didn't know what to do. Yep, looks like I was correct.

I should probably stop here since she stopped crying after that... O-o

Oh, don't worry, I'm not mad at you or anything lol. I know that everyone has their own preference and whatnot, but I just want to... show her side of the story?

I know, my grammar is horrible and my points are kinda messy. OTL

Well, my favourite character is Crys. Second to her is Gold.

I think it's because I tend to go for the least popular characters. O_o Hey, but Gold isn't unpopular...

I think Crys' obsession with stars is adorable. And I can relate to her well sometimes. Hehe, I obviously have a lot more to say but I'm too tired to list them all down here.

I love Gold because his personality is a lot like mine. x3 (That part... where he trained Ataro and Explotaro like hell because Prof. Oak refused to give him the Pokedex. And what he said, " Who needs your Pokedex anyway?!" is so me. And of course, there are many other similarities but it's too long. Too long to list here.)

Oh, and I love Gold's bangs and goggles. owo And his carefree attitude is so <3. And I like how he isn't good at battling but resort to tricks to defeat his opponent.

Oh, my third favourite is definitely. RUBY. This guy is gosh. He managed to leave me lol-ing irl for like, 5 minutes because he's just that funny. Haha. And I like how he could be so freaking feminine and badass at.the.same.time. And because I like guys with an Idiot Hair, red eyes and fingerless gloves. Oh god, he's my dream guy. (But I'll never pair him up with myself. FranticShipping ftw.) My #1 fangirl material. -sigh- And his devotion to Sapphire is just... aww.

Long post is long. Don't mind me, I'm trying to make some noise here because it is just TOO QUIET. /shot