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Quote originally posted by 123wert50:
Out of a box of TR:

Few Alph Lithos
Some Legends
3 Zone

Happy about Yanmega and Zone.
Did ya sell those 'zone?

Quote originally posted by legendarypokemon:
Hey guy \s first time posting here, and I recently bought the above deck. I think it was a good choice because in the bonus booster pack, I got a shiny groudon, Any thoughts on my luck?
Moving your thread to the booster thread, since this post fits in their quite clearly since you're asking about your booster.

I think it was interesting luck. Probably would've been a better luck pack if you pulled a piece of a LEGEND card, but that's just from my vantage point, since you could've sold the LEGEND piece and gone out and gotten another pack. :P
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