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Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
This is why I don't plan on playing Black and White. Ever.

The only other problem I have with the main character sprite is that the head looks like a head and the body looks like a cardboard cutout. But maybe that'll go away with the arm fix, heh.

And when I said one "style" of graphics, I don't mean one single tileset. I mean one style of graphics so that all your tiles match. Three dimensional houses would match with three dimensional trees, you know? Trees with outlines will match houses with outlines. I just think it looks odd like that.

I'm liking the progress though, don't get me wrong.
Ah, Okay. I'm going to make overworlds using Calis Project's Overworld Base now.
Seems easier and ... not sure what to do about the tree thing. In my eyes it looks fine.

Originally Posted by PokéLegend View Post
Could you PLEASE sen me those tree tiles? They look amazing!
I'm not giving out anything I have used in this project.
Sorry if it makes me look mean, but your gonna have to search deviant art for hours on end. As I did.
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