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Originally Posted by Bobomaster View Post
I decided to join just to post here because of how awesome the game is and everything. But a few things:

1. For some reason, I had to fight Necro twice to reach the next town... now that I have defeated GeoSigma, I have no more Type 1 Viruses in my inventory! (2 for Necro, 1 for XxLionheartxX, 1 for GeoSigma) So will this affect me when I face Vanish_21?
Yes... unfortunately. For a quick fix, send your savefile to me.

2. The game always goes into full screen when I launch it, and it lags on my laptop when it does that. Is there any way to prevent it from starting in full screen?
No, but press F4 to make it in windowed mode at anytime.

3. I would like to know more about how the Elemental Cards minigame works. All I know is if you play a card of the same type but with higher number, you win, and that you can win sometimes if your card is super effective. Also, is there any way of getting Elemental Cards other than from the Rainbow Tower? Chip Pieces* say that they can be turned into Elemental Cards, but the only thing I could do with them is exchange them for credits.
Currently resolving- adding "Card Masters." If you talk to the cut master, he already has the text for it, not sure if he actually gives (almost impossible to beat >>)

*Pieces is spelled wrong.
That's my job

4. Crocnaw is refightable. You already know this, pl0x fix.
Fixed in next version, I believe. Unless you wanna send me your file and make it non-refightable?

5. Gym leaders seem to be incredibly weak after you defeat AIs. Please buff them a little, I breezed through all of them!
Working on it- will be released around v.9

6. After accessing the manman item return thingy from the PC in the Pokemon Center, all the hotkeys stop working until you enter a fight. They also start working again if you go to the refining items thing on the PC.
I believe this has already been reported.

7. That sign in Route 1 that talks about limitbreak system gives EXP. You already know this, pl0x fix.
Will be fixed. If you see a glitch already posted, it has already been addressed for the next version. Rushing DarkDoom won't do much.

8. I saw you were going to scrap the attack, special, and defense boost for limitbreak... Can you keep the attack boost? It actually sort of makes sense, the pokemons at its limit, adrenaline boosts the attacks and strength. Maybe not double, but like 1.5x or something.
Impossible for RM2K3, sorry. Either double, half, or nothing.

That's all that I can think of right now. Good luck on fixing the bugs!

Edit: I thought of more stuff.
9. I NEED a way to turn off the big head mode. It looks really bad and I can't find a way to turn it off. Same with the super bike or whatever, but not because it looks bad, its just too fast to be convenient.
Have you tried to put in the code again?
My replies are in bold.
DarkDoom, I'm bored and I have no internet most of the time, so do you mind if I port SPEE to RMXP?
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