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Sure thing... Reserved for three days. c: If you need more time, just say so before the fourth day and I'll reset my mental timer. This is just to prevent the last spot from being reserved for too long incase someone reserves and just forgets the roleplay exists.

Edit: UPDATE: Added in the Swamplands and another new area I call The Dead Forest. It's called that because it's a small section of The Forest in which almost all of the trees are dead. The swamplands are dangerous because of the high rate of disease and how easy it is for pokemon to sneak up on you through the murky water.

The Dead Forest has some background to it. If one of our characters goes asking around, you can have them get told about said background, as it's public knowledge.

The reason the trees are dead is a mystery. They just are, as far as anyone knows. More interestingly, Occasionally people go missing in that part of the forest, never to be seen again. Rumor has it that a murderer might be hiding there. Supporting this rumor is occasional police activity in the area. Also interestingly, ghost pokemon seem to be attracted to that section of the forest, and have driven all other type of pokemon out. The forest is described as having a disturbing aura about it.

Staff are obligated to advise students not to go The Dead Forest, but a student can enter anyways if they wish.

(The Dead Forest has a random encounter boss in it, which is a term I'm using to describe especially strong pokemon / trainers now. You must ask if you want that encounter.)

Edit: UPDATE: The rules have been updated, especially regarding leveling and whatnot. Readzor!

Also, I prettied up the page whoo hoo!

Also, I fixed up the Available Classes section as it didn't make sense to me to list the teachers and have the actual classes in spoilers instead of the other way around.

Edit: That would appear to be all the major updates for now. I'm still thinking of more locations and or wild pokemon though, so I'll let you guys know if I actually think of anything.