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Quote originally posted by leews24:
This looks awesome, and hey, the thread moved!!
Anyway I'm looking forward to this, and also
willing to beta test(actually I'm willing to beta test anything)!

Anyway good luck, it looks Awesome
Thanks I will consider it when the time comes.

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Congrats on entering the Hack Showcase.
I'm hoping to see beta sooner than I thoughts now :D
I can release a beta anytime, except for the fact that I don't want to release a beta until jambo finishes the pokedex hack.

Quote originally posted by Southueki:
The hack looks great!!

Btw, in the first page, you say you made some custom pokemon and then "see bellow", however, they aren't there :x
Ah yes, still working on them I want them to be top-nouch. Also I don't want to post any until there in the game. (And they won't be in the game until jambo releases his pokedex expansion hack, which will have compatibility for 999 Pokemon!)
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