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Quote originally posted by assassinjay1229:
Id like to join
Welcome to the club! You sure have a lot of shinies!

Quote originally posted by TheShinyEevee:
TYou inspired my quest for not 7.. But 8! (Don't forget Eevee itself! )
Haha, I forgot about that! Go for 8! The Great Eight!

Quote originally posted by Chr. Draco:
it's a pokemon that pretends to be what it's not and disguises itself as one of it's weakness. Who is that pokemon?
Congrats on the new shiny! I'll guess that it's...

a shiny Ditto!

Quote originally posted by rager3:
Shiny Rattata
Congrats! A shiny is always awesome. NO EXCEPTIONS. :D

Quote originally posted by snowman4686:
I'd Love To Join Your Group =)
Welcome to the club! Shiny Charizard is awesome.

I don't think anyone would be willing to give up their shinies; we all love our shinies! Half the fun is finding them on your own - good luck on your quest!
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