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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post

Ah, okay, that's interesting - the rule was made because of Ginjou. Makes me wonder - what happened along the line?

Ah, okay, so it looks like we might get a flashback, or at least one chapter explaining the whole Ginjou thing.

"Why me sad" doesn't Kubo usually have kind of good English as his titles? Though looking at his previous titles, they weren't all perfect...

Ah, okay, so it seems her ~wuv~ for Ichigo helps her to overcome Trollkishima's power slightly, or at least have the gut instinct that something is wrong.

Trollkishima looks so creepy in one of the pages. Reminds me of Aizen.

Oopsy, he broke them. And once again, the non-shinigami have become USELESS.

Ahaha, I love Isshin's (only) line.

Oh? Looks like Riruka is still Tsundere for Ichigo.

So it looks like they all got a bit of Ichigo's powers. Tsukishima, Ginjou, Riruka, Yukio, Jackie and Giriko, versus Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Kenpachi, Ikkaku (and maybe Isshin and Urahara, but I think they'll do more behind-the-scenes work). I wonder who will fight who? My thoughts:
Ginjou - Ichigo (for obvious reasons)
Tsukishima - Byakuya (idk, they just seem to fit)
Yukio - Hitsugaya (kid versus kid)
But the others, I'm not so sure about...
Ohwait, where's Rukia? Perhaps she gets Sushigawara.

Well, an alright chapter. We got to see some of the other characters now (though what were they doing before...?), and it seems like we'll get to see Ichigo's powers in full.

I think they're still under Tsukishima's influence, like Orihime and Chad. They may or may not be for/against Ichigo.
I KNEW IT! Aha, I finally predicted something right...well a little. I said her love would completely overcome, or something like that, but it only kinda did. :\ CLOSE. ENOUGH.

Here is Rukia, top panel:

So Tsukishima can overload a person's memory until their brain ceases to function? Overpowered, much?

Riruka may stay after the arc, as a good guy. Probably due to the fans love of her. XD

So, will this change the actual fullbrings of the fullbringers? Like will they have extra powers, or are they just enhanced?