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Quote originally posted by wcdaily:
So how do you guys feel about the constant stereotypes pointed towards members of the lgbt community?
Bleh. Regardless of a person's sexual orientation, they have likes. Just because someone likes Lady Gaga or Glee and happens to be homosexual, it doesn't mean they like those things because they're homosexual.

Maybe it's an exposure thing. In all honesty, I probably wouldn't have gotten into Gaga that quickly if my GSA didn't introduce me to her. If something becomes popular in a particular subculture, you can bet people within that subculture who haven't been exposed yet and are curious are going to check it out.

It's like "geeks" with Minecraft. The "geeks" don't like Minecraft because they're "geeks," they like Minecraft because it's freaking Minecraft. <3 However, they were possibly introduced to Minecraft because they were a "geek" and were informed about it by fellows "geeks."

If someone made a video that had a lot of Asian fans, someone might spread the news that "Asians love this video!" Curious, more Asian people would look at the video to see what the fuss is about.

My point is, if you're in a specific group where something becomes popular amongst it, you can be introduced by the group, but you'll judge it on your own merits. (If you're not a super-conformist.)

So that's how stereotypes like what you said stem from, and that's just stupidity dribbling from someone's mouth because they're making a stupid assumption in attempt to make a joke, which in turn wasn't really that funny.

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