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sorry about no quotes but the guy above:

Overall it is a pretty good job considering this is your first map however there are some flaws.
The path well being a good idea needs to be the same width throughout the map or as close as possible, also it needs to be less random. so instead of going up right up right up right up right and getting a diagonal effect go up up up up right right right right and getting a large right angle effect.
Next the mountain in the top left is a perfect rectangle, that would be a good thing if you worked for gamefreak but here you need to go for something a bit more natural looking.
My last nag is the all the flowers and tree's placed randomly about the map, a couple is a good thing but i think you might have gone over the top here, if it were a route random tree's would be good but not in the middle of town...

sorry about all that, and best of luck mapping (=

Rumble rock is back, expect a BETA soon.
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