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Though I'd assume that since Ginjou and Tsukishima are considered generally "evil", killing them would be a "good" thing?

So if anyone would go to hell, it'd probably be Ginjou and Tsukishima. That's the vibe this gives.

...Though I'm starting to think Kubo's not really caring about hell, anyway. He did let the anime people do what they wanted :P
So it's relatively safe to assume that there's not going to be many canon depictions of hell in the future.


But in the promo chapter for Hell Arc, it seemed like the arrancar go to hell, in their arrancar form.

So does that mean hollows remain in hollow form when they go to hell? I'd have presumed that they revert to individual humans.

Unless they seize to be individuals when they become menos grande/arrancar?

Still, it's strange that they go to hell when their acts while hollows are supposedly "forgiven". Or does that change when they become arrancar, too?