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Quote originally posted by r0bert:
name: Suna Cove
game: U knowz
Credits: Darkblack thread.
About the map: It's very good, I like it, style seems Nintendoish but natural at the same time. I'd like playing that! My only complaint is that you might get lost in the sea, without anything to navigate (like a rock..) but then again, it's sea right? xD

About the tiles: Man, you've gotta change the trees! Their bottom shading screws up the whole tile.. but I love the sea and sand tiles, so they make up for it :D

Name: Ghetho Hills
About: Remake of my old map. This is not meant to be playable, and I will continue making the connection of this map.


Credits: Me (spriting/respriting all of the tiles, and map), Kyledove, Wesley FG, zein
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