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Originally Posted by SoaringSomeone View Post
The remade slygon sprites still look a little weird because the way it's balanced makes it seem like it'll fall over. As it stands right now, the majority of its body weight isn't balanced over its legs (So the center of Mass isn't above anything that'll support it). I believe if you either stagger the legs, or move both of them forward, it'll look more natural.

As for the versus sprite, I did a few edits since that's a lot easier than trying to figure out how to describe it with words.

I moved the arm slightly closer to the body in order to give her shoulder more of a definition (Unfortunately I'm on a touchpad right now, so I can't elongate the arm or anything). I also changed the face of the gal from a straight-ish line to...whatever that is so that you can see her cheeks. I would also move the entire head slightly to the right so it looks more like that head is connected via the base of the skull.

Hope that helps.
Yes, Slygon does have balance issues, and I was even tempted to do away with the legs completely, but I wanted the dragon to gradually get more limbs as it evolved. And moving the legs forward makes the tail look more unnatural, but if it actually looks like it won't topple over, then I guess it's the best thing to do.

As you can probably tell, the mugshot has given me hell, but I see exactly where you're coming from. I had to tweak it a bit as moving the head to the right made the neck look a bit detached, but here it is.

Hopefully I won't be making anymore changes anytime soon! XD

I redid Slygon's final evolution, based (quite obviously) on the Chinese dragon. I was going t add arms, but due to its slim body, I couldn't really. So yeah, let's just say it gave up its arms and legs to get more speed. XD

There are also quite a few black outlines I don't like, so I'll fix them soon.
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