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Originally Posted by icychill66 View Post
Awesome, a Red hack! Wisteria was one of the hacks that got me interested in hacking Gen 1, so I'm glad to see it back. I'll play this as soon as I am able to. I have a question about this hack, though. Do you recycle scripts from Red Version (like Koolboyman's Brown Version), or are you making completely new scripts (like Sawatika's Wood Version)?
I'll probably be doing a combination. I'd like to finish the game with red's scripts, and if I learn ASM after the release, I'll go back and change the game to be more like I intended.

Originally Posted by Sooyun View Post
Pokemon generation available: Is this exclusively 1st gen? And if so does this feature all 151 (version exclusives included)? You should provide more specifics for those who may not have played Prism/Brown
I don't see how this is important.
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