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I know basically all the Pokedex Holder's birthday because I'm silly like that. xD For birthdays that are close to eachother (first that comes to mind is definitely Emerald's and Blue's) you can possibly have a joint event for them. Or perhaps you have have an event for each of 'em that is in a certain period of time (like for Gold and Ruby. They could probably have the same event because they're close enough, and if you really wanted to add Red to the mix because his isn't too far behind Gold's).

The birthdays seem to be closer together during Spring/Summer, and then they start to spread out a bit between Red's and Yellow's birthdays as far as I can tell. xD;

But yeah. I haven't heard any news about Dia and Pearl having birthdays. I would assume a site that is more up-to-date with this kind of stuff would have it. :( I know Serebii keeps pretty good track of things like that, but they don't have a birthday for them either.

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