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This should be my first question here in the Emulation help thread. But it's not as easy as you'd think it is, because my DeSmuME lags much more than it ever did before. It even lags alot even when I have the frameskipping turned on, and doesn't matter whatever option I choose or whatever version I use... it won't make a difference. D:

I've tried to change every single option in the config menu on DeSmuME, but it hasn't made a single difference, I even turned off the Advanced Bus Timer, still lagged badly.

I'm pretty sure it's something to do with my laptop, I've tried:
- Closing down most programs
- uninstalling a program that I didn't need
- tried seeing if there were update, but there was no new updates
Please help me try to fix the problem, 'cause I aren't no expert at fixing GPU problems. DeSmuME lags an awful lot whenever there's 3D objects much more than it did before on my laptop. It never was like that before, and don't say that it is normal, because I can tell what is normal and what isn't. This is abnormal for this to happen.
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