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Originally Posted by River View Post
I'd like..

Name: River
Game: SoulSilver
Number: 3
Restrictions: None :3
Yours are...



Heres the third Update!


After beating Brawley I travelled to Slateport

I visited the museum and ran into a familiar face...

Team Aqua making a scene

Geodude in action, his sprite is cut '

Say what!?

After that I visited the trick house

Rare Candy FtW!

Battled my rival May

Wingull evolved!

Soon after that Geodude evolved!

Battling the other rival Wally

Red impersonation?

Taking down Watson

Graveler made short work of his electric Pokemon!

Thats all for Update #3, I may update some more later till Flannery.


Graveler ♂ Lv.27
Tackle/Magnitude/Selfdestruct/Rock Throw

Pelliper ♂ Lv.26
Keen Eye
Water Gun/Protect/Supersonic/Wing Attack

Update #4 soon to come...