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Originally Posted by assassinjay1229 View Post
For last week random shiny I did get a Larvitar traded to me lol does that count?
I'm not sure, you would have to find that out from Landorus. Unfortunately, he has not been around for a long time. I think you have to catch/hatch it yourself.

I'm planning on spending some time hatching Cottonee now, with Encore and a Bold nature. It took me three hours to catch a Clefairy (which was female) with a Bold nature using a Bold Alakazam with Synchronize and then hatch a male Cleffa with a Bold nature so that I can breed it with my female Cottonee. After that once I get a Bold male Cottonee with Encore I can breed it with my Japanese Ditto.

Once I reach 2,200 Litwick I plan on taking a break to EV train my team, which is something that I should of done a long time ago.

EDIT: I accidentally typed Endure instead of Encore.
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