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The beast knocked Kenna flying with one quick hit. 'Mist' was no where to be seen. With all of the kids running around and getting tossed across the room like rage dolls, he was not going to be easy to spot. With all of the kids screaming, it was hard to make sense of everything that was going on.

New fear was building up inside Kenna. She had no idea how she was going to defend herself from this beast or even make it out of there alive. She tried to sit up but her body was felt too heavy to move so she fell back down. She must have wounded herself but she could feel no pain, all she felt was fear and lots of it.

Suddenly a boy she didn't recognize landed right next to her and yelled out with pain. He wasn't moving and blood was starting to flow around him. She took one look at the beast and gasped as it started to charge in her direction.
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