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"Y-Yeah Andre I'm your Master. T-They had me set up the straw for my familiar but I didn't e-expect to get a commoner. Soon I'll get another bed in here" Adria whispered, looking at him again. "As for what you have to do. Just do whatever I ask you to do. But don't worry I'll never ask for stuff unless I can do something in return."

So basically, Andre was her servant for life. Slave until the end of eternity. Butler for the rest of his life. That was...devastating, but anything could happen in a magical academy, so how normal could things be? Letting the info sink in, Andre thought about his old life, where he had to study day and night at home without actually leaving it. Life where he had to learn everything, even table manners and physical education. Life where his parents had forgotten to teach him basic communication between a boy and a girl. And well, that was exactly what he needed right now. Excellent timing, Andre thought, and I'm stuck with this girl for the rest of my life no matter what.

He thought about the bright side, though. The said she wasn't going to ask for much so that was a good thing, and she seemed to be nice, promising him that she was going to get a bed for him, so how bad could it be? Just then a letter appeared, but apparently it was magical as well. Voice projected from the piece of paper, announcing that students and familiars should report to the Grand Hall for some...strange emergency briefing. After the short announcement the letter disappeared with a 'poof', turning into green smoke.

Carefully, Adria got off the floor, reaching for Andre's arm, causing the human boy to blush deeply. Somehow he thought that this was a little too close as they had just met, but he didn't say anything and stood up as well. Walking towards the hall, Andre stayed close to her just in case something bad happened. When he was walking in the corridor, he felt a little strange, as if he was walking faster than he used to. Letting go of her for a while, Andre looked at his feet, then was surprised when they were moving at a rather high speed like a motor or something. Then when he looked around, things were blurry around him as if he was looking out a window when riding a bus or train. His feet's a blur due to fast movements, and he didn't even feel like running. It was like his feet's moving FOR him. His Volo ability was seeping into him, but the commoner had no idea.

Finally coming to a halt, Andre turned around, and he couldn't believe his eyes. He was like, 200 meters away from Adria, but looking at his watch, it wasn't possible. "Wait what?" Only 3 seconds had passed. What was happening to him? A sudden burst of speed? A new power? If I was that fast when I was actually walking, how fast can I be when I'm actually RUNNING? Deciding to find out, Andre turned and ran towards his mistress, and before he could say anything he found himself right next to her. 2 seconds.

Looking at Adria with confused eyes, Andre didn't know what to say, "O-okay I just 400 meters in 5 seconds." and after that, he took her arm, a little freaked out, and followed her into the great hall, lost for words. It was a funny scene - a boy, scared and shocked out of his pants, clenching a girl that looked rather calm compared to him.

Entering the Great Hall, Andre saw a wild beast rampaging around the place, attacking people he saw. There was a man, probably the principal on the floor and people were fleeing the place. It was total Chaos. But some remained as if they wanted to fight the beast. Just then the beast roared and charged towards a boy, which closed his eyes, ready to take the killing blow as he didn't have time to dodge it. But just then a girl charged and pushed him out of the way, saving him, and another boy joined the fray, attacking the beast.

"Good way to try my new powers." Andre told himself, letting go of her again and dashed towards the beast's back, yanking from behind, then slammed his fist onto the beast's body, knocking him forward, then before he could hit the ground, Andre swept his legs from behind with a low sweep, tripping him as well. Super enhanced speed and agility allowed him to do tons of things in mere seconds. The beast recovered quicker than he thought though, and he got up, turning around, then punched the boy right in the stomach, sending Andre flying until he tumbled onto the ground, coughing.
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