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Kenna spotted 'Mist' across the room, he was running towards her. She took one quick look at the beast and saw that it had been shot. Fear was spreading inside of Kenna but she also felt something else, It was anger. She was angry that Samantha had died, angry because she had just seen this boy change into a monster which was trying to kill everyone and most of all, she was angry because she was defenseless.

'Mist' reached her side and started saying something to her but could not make out what he was actually saying. It pulled her out of her thoughts and that was when that pain hit her hard. The pain was coming from her hip and from her ankle. She must have twisted it.

Kenna took one more quick look at the beast and realised it must nearly be as angry as she was because it was heading right towards her and 'Mist'. With all of the pain, fear and anger flowing through her, she found it hard to breath. It was all becoming too much for Kenna and she let out one scream of pain and frustration. By letting it out then, she some how managed to make her fire come alive again. It surrounded her and knocked everyone around her along with 'Mist' backwards. It sent one last blow on the beast before it faded. Talk about fire having a short temper. Kenna took one look around her before everything went black.
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