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Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
I'm planning on spending some time hatching Cottonee now, with Encore and a Bold nature. It took me three hours to catch a Clefairy (which was female) with a Bold nature using a Bold Alakazam with Synchronize and then hatch a male Cleffa with a Bold nature so that I can breed it with my female Cottonee. After that once I get a Bold male Cottonee with Encore I can breed it with my Japanese Ditto.
I know how you feel - you should've seen me with Electivire! I wanted it to be Mild natured with Cross Chop, which you can only get from breeding with Machoke. I caught an Elekid and put it in Day Care with a Ditto, but it wouldn't give me any eggs. I looked it up online and saw that baby Pokemon can't breed, so I leveled it up to level 30, where it evolved into Electabuzz. I put it back in Day Care and hatched about 30 eggs or so to get a Mild Elekid. Great! I leveled that Elekid up to level 30 and put it into Day Care with the Machoke, but I'm so used to breeding with Ditto that I never noticed that both Pokemon were male. :/

I had to take Machoke out, put Ditto back in, and breed for a Mild female Elekid. After a few days of on-and-off hatching, I finally got the Mild female (which then had to be raised to level 30!). Only then could I breed it with Machoke, wait for a Mild one, EV it, and level it up to level 100.

And that's only one Pokemon out of six. You can see why I haven't properly hunted shinies in a couple of months! :cer_laugh:

Originally Posted by snowman4686 View Post
i got a shiny kingdra and a shiny raikou or however u spell it to add to my collection

Originally Posted by Metal Electric View Post
Yesterday evening I finally found this Shiny Budew! (:

Originally Posted by Weber View Post
is any one else SR in fire red or leaf green for a charmander (or any other starter) as well as myself? it would be nice to have some one to talk to and compare SRs and stuff.

congrats on everyone with there shiny pokemon, my current streak of unlucky-ness is continuing since march... 20,000 Sr's on charmander and about 150 on litwick.
I'm going to SR for a shiny Charmander/Squirtle once I get shiny Hitmonchan, beat the Elite 4, catch all the legendaries (including the beast), get the TMs, and get a secret shiny in FR. That's probably going to take a few years, though...

20,000 SRs? Wow, that's a ton. The best of luck to you and Latios Master - you guys deserve shinies!
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