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Well, i made a template and using sprites, I fill them in, add some touch ups. except the rotom one, i made that from scratch (though i used the template XD)

OKAY! well, i gotta edit a lot now d;

Zorya Solistum is accepted!
She will receive five pins on arrival:
000 The Player Pin - Proof that you are a player in the Reaper's Game. Pressing it lets you hear the thought fragments of those around you in the RG.
041 Zubat - The Bat Monster. Using this pin sucks health from your enemies and adds a little to your own.
046 Paras - The Mushroom Monster. Using this pin paralyses, poisons or puts your enemies to sleep for a short amount of time.
074 Geodude - The Rock Monster. Using this pin summons a barrage of rocks to force on your enemies.
081 Magnemite - The Magnet Monster. Using this pin allows you to draw enemies towards you.

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