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Thank god the beast's attack on Andre was weak, and it didn't cause any internal and external bleeding. His stomach hurt, but that was it. No dizziness, no blindness, no nothing, which was really fortunate for him, as he knew that the beast's normal attacks couldn't possibly be this weak and nonthreatening. "Andre!" Adria yelled, running over to him "Are you okay?" she whispered, then she gulped as she turned and faced the wild creature.

"No...d-don't! Run!" Andre spoke, his eyes full of fear, but she wasn't planning to chicken out. Channeling some mysterious blue ball of energy, she fired a jet of water, but it fizzled and backfired, swirling back at the caster like a boomerang, blasting her away towards a wall. The beast was still staring at her, approaching her as if she was his lunch or something, but a boy shot the creature from behind with a gunblade like object, and the rampaging monster turned, charging towards another target. Scrambling to his feet, Andre rushed to his mistress' side, holding her gently, preventing her from falling, then slowly lowered her down, allowing her to sit against the wall. There was a little wound on her forehead, and Andre's heart was burning - seeing her in so much pain was practically torture.

"I-I'll be right back...stay here." Andre whispered, getting up to his feet, making sure that the beast was nowhere near her before running towards it again with Volo. Grabbing a chain on the ground, he swung it around with his right hand as if it was a lasso, then slammed the chain forward as if it was a whip, slashing the beast's side. Then with one quick attack, Andre's 'lasso' was wrapped around one of the beast's foot. Seeing his chance, the commoner pulled, forcing the beast to fall over by lifting one of his feet into the air.

Just then there was a large fire explosion, and everybody, including Andre was knocked away by a few meters. Trying to find where the fire came from, Andre was surprised when he saw the fire coming from a beautiful girl with long brownish hair, which was about his age. What magic can do these days... Andre thought, but when the fire faded, the girl lost consciousness, and if she fell with her head crashing onto the floor, she was doomed. Zooming forwards to her, he held her before her head could touch the cold hard floor, then placed her onto the ground gently before continuing his fight with the beast.

"Here little beast!" Andre cried, taunting the creature, then ran around in circles, round and round the monster, confusing him with his fast speed. The beast couldn't see the boy at all, and he could only see a few blurred shadows and lines surrounding him. I'm running even faster than I did in the corridors. How fast can I be? Then when the beast had his back turned to him, Andre punched the monster from behind.
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