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I'm playing Emerald and I started reading up on EV training (also on IVs) yesterday for a couple hours. I have a couple questions that I could not seem to find an answer for.

1. I got a Bagon, never gained any experience yet. I wanna eventually evolve him into a Metagross. If I start EV training Bagon now, will all the EV points still be distributed to those stats I EV trained him in when he eventually evolves into a Metagross?

2. None of my pokemon have the Pokerus virus. But hypothetically speaking, lets say Bagon does have the Pokerus virus and experience share equipped and I'm fighting with my Sceptile . I know experience share will also give Bagon EVs from the battle Sceptile won. Sceptile beat a pokemon for 1 EV for the Attack stat. Will Bagon receive 2 EVs for the Attack stat since he has the Pokerus virus?

3. I read that people are starting their EV training at Level 1. Is it even possible to get a Level 1 pokemon without cheating (gameshark/codebreaker/glitches)? Or can pokemon actually be hatched out of an egg at Level 1?

4. I understand how some natures pokemon have will add 10% in one stat and negate 10% in another or not add/negate a stat at all. But from Serebii's website at the bottom of a page on a pokemon, it says "Hindering Nature", "Neutral Nature" and "Beneficial Nature". How do I know what nature would Hinder/be Beneficial to Bagon? I'm assuming the "Neutral Nature" would be natures that do not add/negate stats such as the Bashful Nature, Docile Nature, Hardy Nature, etc.

**NOTE** I have read and re-read the FAQ and the answers to these questions could not be found. I appreciate any/all help with these questions.