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I really do need to apologize. It's been a while, and this feels sort of clunky for some reason. If you need revisions I'll do them.

Name: Brad Dumont
Age: 22
Gender: Boy
Entry Fee:The memories of all past achievements, or any personal recognition either from himself or others. Basically no compliments or anything positive. Coupled with being able to receive or feel it.

Appearance: If one would have to say one sentence about Brad, it would be that he's what you could consider him the true form of athleticism. He stands rather tall, setting in around 6'2”. It's just that he's rather defined about how, well, that he's big. Don't take him for the biggest man that you've ever seen, because it's not completely so. Although he's broad shouldered, barrel-chested and pretty well defined. Just not one of the body builders that devotes all of their time to looking good. It's a balance that he finds 'doesn't make him look like a freak'. He has short, well maintained, spiked blonde hair. His eyes are a standard blue, and not completely striking as what you would find with folk of a similar colour. His nose isn't too big, and he likes to be clean shaven. It should be noted that he puts a lot into how his face looks.

In general, he likes to wear athletic clothing. Fortunately for the world, it's just your general T-shirt. Not too tight on his skin, it's just a general breathable fabric. White, although his seem to poke out a bit. It's never a huge deal though. You couple that with a pair of black shorts (usually under a pair of grey sweat pants.) and you have what he wears on an almost daily basis. The only other thing to note is the silver watch he wears on his wrist.

Personality: Brad is an interesting one. Something to note that he's usually a rather happy fellow. Not necessarily happy-go-lucky, just a guy who seems to enjoy life. One of the trademarks that people have seen over the years is his smile. Also, as many would expect with his athletic appearance is that he's rather loud and extroverted. He loves talking to people and hanging out with others. He loves friendship because of compliments and just, well it's a positive and redeeming thing to have with other people. So he tries his hardest to do well with everybody that he meets. He's a people pleaser. It's who he is and he's always been able to embrace that part about him.

This isn't to say that this makes him the best person. No, in his attempts to just be happy and please everyone he tends to be a little naive and idealistic. So it's easy for him not to see the true nature of things, and to be manipulated. Not that he will ever, ever admit it. Since he wants to do good, he acts rather rash and impulsively. Especially based on his emotions. This coupled in with the fact that he has a surprisingly short fuse, makes it so that it's hard to get any sort of rational or logical thinking. In which case he just acts far too much like a hero for his own good. Which also groups in with the fact that he's incredibly headstrong and stubborn. It's hard to get him to change his mind.

History: Brad, growing up was pretty normal. A small kid, pretty normal which made him blend into the crowd easily. It wasn't that he minded too much when he was little, in fact he rather sort of liked it. This of course changed when something else was brought into the picture, mainly the fact that his parents separated. This in turn brought in three more siblings from the new husband, and with them all being rather loud, opinionated kids, he needed to quickly change.

This turned into a self-proclaimed competition to gain the respect and love from his mother, and to make sure that the other kids didn't have it. When you're a little kid and going through tough times the adults figured that it was sort of acceptable. Besides, it's not like he had did anything incredibly harmful yet. Being the oldest though gave him a disadvantage, since they would rely on him to at least attempt to be the pillar to bring both families together. It means that they expected him to grow up and help take care of the family too. He was hesitant, but in the end there really wasn't any other option. And in his early teenage years he ended up being a lot more nurturing towards his little siblings.

It was also in his teenage years where he did a lot of growing up and becoming the person that he is today. Although he didn't have a huge peer group, the people who he did hang out with respected him for who he was. Who they discovered was a pretty nice guy, despite his large size. It became a running joke and he put in just enough effort to maintain his body without going overboard. Addiction to the gym he found was actually a serious thing, so he would have to monitor his activity. Running was his main form of exercise, although he did hit the weights too, from time to time.

Eventually it was time to start his own personal journey. He needed to discover some things, and travelling around Kanto seemed to be the easy way to get through it all. Although he just wanted to travel with pokemon, he ended up deciding to challenge a few gyms on the way. What could it hurt? It was a shame that he never really got the opportunity.

Psyche: Pins.

Short Interview:
For you, what was your death like? Was it justified? That's if you remember it, of course.

It was stupid. The lifeguards didn't even put up the notice, and everyone else was swimming. Why didn't anybody notice them coming!? I never had a chance, there were too many of them. Damn Tentacruel!

There's a fork in the road, splitting off in several directions; a forest, a swamp, a dirt track, a city and a clear route. Which do you take?

I've spent enough time in the city. Swamps and Forests are pretty hard to travel though, and the dirt road can get annoying. I'll take the clear route.

What do you have to go back to? What are you fighting for? Why do you want to live? Why are you even here?

I'm here because I'm dead. I'm still young, I need to finish my journey and I need to get back home and make sure my family turns out alright.

Any last words before you start your week?

I'm gonna win. I'll try my hardest. No matter what I have to do.

Roleplay Sample:

This is uh. A while ago. It's been a long while, ok? A few years old actually.


Most people would find it suitable for a capital city of a country to be full of the hustle and bustle of evryday life. However Cliff had a diffrent story on his mind, he much preffered the desolation and sublety of the current state of affairs. The man was almost completely alone in the streets, everybody else had already flooded to the ten arenas. Naturally he was here for the tournament. So that was his next destination. He walked up to where most of the competitors were standing. Unlike most of the competitors who were either extremely scared or excited Cliff kept a natural composure. He even grinned at the thought of all the competitors he would be facing against, all of the losers and all of those that would be left dead.

“All right settle down the lot of ya!” Yelled the official, he was obviously in the royal guard. His armor beared the symbol of Aselia and Sylvarant. His poleax looked to be army mandated, as he used it to direct the traffic of fighters into the stadium.

“Remember, the king said last one standing wins.” He yelled in as he shut the doors of the stadium. Cliff took this moment to look around the stadium, at first he noticed the huge amount of spectators who were ready to watch the fight. They ranged from the elderly to the little kids all who wanted to see who was the best of the hundred in the stadium. With that thought he decided to look at all the other competitors, it was almost like an analyzation. Most of the competitors were well msculed men holding gigantic swords, although there were the few mages and elven competitors. Everybody was just standing around, and this was making the crowd grow restless.

“Fight!, Fight!” They chanted with impatience. Ciff grinned. Why not give the crowd what they want? He thought. He covered his mouth so it would look like he was readjusting his mask, a simple tactic however, it hided the fact that he was preparing an incantation for a wind arte. His eyes conveyed the scene until he picked his target. He slowly lowered his hand from his mouth.

“Gale!” Cliff shouted. He thrusted his hand with an open palm. A slice of wind started to charge up and then ripped through the stadium. Although the gale didn't have a specific target it hit a young man. This young man had a fairly petit figure with no armor, he flew across the stadium hitting the wall which knocked him out. Every competitor then stared at the knocked out man, then at Cliff. In a fury of spells and sword clashing chaos happened.

The fighting was perilous and very tiring. Bodies, dead or knocked out were sprawled on the floor or in the middle of being “escorted” out of the stadium. At this moment only three people were left. Cliff wasn't fighting infact he was watching the other two competitors fight. The battle was between an older man who was carrying a huge lance with another younger man with a sword. It took one more swing, the lance hit the competitor on the chest and he immediately collasped. Immediately two guards removed him from the scene.

The crowd started to go crazy in a frenzy of sheering. The two men started to circle eatchother, the other man had a huge size advantage over Cliff and he decided to get extremely cocky.

“Give it up now boy! Before it's too late.” He said with a laugh. Cliff gave him s silent smile.

“Ok then smartass here it comes!” He swung his huge lance over towards Cliff. The masked man quickly jumped onto the lance, using it as a platform. This made the other made the other man extremely surprised and made the crowd go into a standstill. Although the man had huge amounts of armor on there was one weak point, his neck. Cliff quickly leaped towards the man's neck and gave it a deep stab. After he jumped off, the man fell over.

The crowd cheered even louder then before. A guard walked up to Cliff.

“The King wants an audience with you. Please follow me.” Cliff simply nodded as the two left the stadium.