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Quote originally posted by Skymin:
Just a few things; can you define why his entry fee is his entry fee and you missed the psyche part. XD
Oh, see what I was trying to work with is Brad is a being that loves to have as much positive reinforcement as he can. He loves giving it to people, he loves receiving it, he's sort of motivated and goal orientated in that respect. A creature that sort of thrives off, and being emotionally thinking and sort of silly as he is, it affects a part of him in that way. Although he's still the same and happy go lucky, it'll just be a bit harder for him to tackle some situations.

If that needs to be edited in just tell me.

And pins. lol oops I'll just edit that in there.
"And here we tinker with metal, to try to give it a kind of life, and suffer those who would scoff at our efforts. But who's to say that, if intelligence had evolved in some other form in past millennia, the ancestors of these beings would not now scoff at the idea of intelligence residing within meat?"
- Prime Function Aki Zeta-5, "The Fallacies of Self-Awareness"