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Welcome to the General Entertainment Culture & Media Daily Chit-Chat. A sort-of combination of the many other DCCs that frequent the rest of PC (e.g. Other Chat, Pokémon General, Japanese Entertainment General Chat and Pokemon General, etc.) as well as the previous ‘Last _____ you watched’ threads, this is the premier destination to talk about entertainment on a day-to-day basis. Pretty much anything goes here, but I do ask that you try and follow these guidelines:

  • Follow all of the rules, obvs. (Especially the NO LISTING RULE!)
  • Try and stay on topic as much as possible, but don’t worry if you can’t. For example, if you desperately want to talk about an episode of Glee and the focus is on heavy metal music, try and find a way to link the two before abruptly changing the topic.
  • If the thread seems to be lagging, however, feel free to change the topic.
  • Please try not to post loads of entries in a short space of time. If you’re bursting with entertainment word vomit, make one long post instead of lots of short ones. It becomes disheartening to read responses by the same two/three people over and over again.
  • Be respectful of others’ opinions on entertainment topics, but don’t be afraid to engage in lively debate. So long as the debate remains civil, it would be wonderful to see in GE C&M, because Dave burned GE to the ground! mwahaha
  • Have fun! PC, for many of us, is a place where we come to relax, and I hope that this thread can aid in the relaxation process.
(The guidelines above are just that: guidelines. Apart from the first one, they’re not rules of the forum, but more of a guide as to how this thread will work, as it’s sorta uncharted territory. As such, I'm going to be pragmatic when enforcing them.)

I’ll get the ball rolling: this weekend has seen a lot of new family-friendly films at the US box office. Did you see any over the Thanksgiving holiday? (E.g. The Muppets, Arthur Christmas, Hugo etc)