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If the choice was made available to you to become straight, would being in love with someone of the same gender impact on your decision?
Yes. I hate homosexual dating; it's more likely I would find love if I were straight. I would be less insecure, and feel less judged.

However, Andrew(I am horrible at remembering names, I hope I'm not mistaken) expanded upon the question; if I were to be in love and know that a guy loves me and doesn't want anyone else besides me, then I would not change my sexuality. Because the big problem "gay dating" would not be a huge issue if I had a good guy, the insecurity does not trump love.

BTW...has anyone watched the A-list on LOGO, what do you think? ( I don't know if we consider this to be a LGBT question, but the show is pretty much like the gay version of the real world, and that is rare to find on tv.)

I am not too big on reality tv, but I love this addicting show - it's pretty damn "juicy" haha

I watched the whole first season today, and I have to say that I am moving to New York City after I obtain my degree! Anyone that watches the show is going to think that i am crazy for this next part, but I have a huge crush on Austin.

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