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"W...what happened?" 'Mist' murmured.

"You been reckless is what happened but you did fight well." Kenna laughed as she gave 'Mist' a quick hug and then returned to Leonda's side.

Emil's eyes snapped open then and Kenna rushed to stand by him. Emil had been one of Tristan's close friends and she had not expected to see him here today let alone fighting a duel with her Familiar. Kenna squeezed one of his hands and smiled down at him.

"Tristan.." Emil murmered before he got a clear look at Kenna and then he shook his head.

Kenna let his hand fall and went to stand next to 'Mist'. He was hurt alright but she knew he of all people would be able to deal with it. Why had Emil called her Tristan? Maybe she reminded Emil of Tristan, she didn't know.

"It is good to see you Emil. The last time we spoke was Tristan's funeral." Kenna smiled.

'Mist' tried to sit up then but didn't get very far, he fell back down and groaned. Kenna looked at him with concern written all over her face. Did she actually care for him? She had only just met him yet he seamed like an old friend to her.

"Emil, this is my Familar. He requests to be called my the name Mist." Kenna explained.

"Wait, you summonded a Commoner as your Familiar?" Emil asked.

"It looks that way." Kenna replied.

"Tristan would have not messed up a spell like that you know." Emil pointed out.

"And I am not Tristan." Kenna snapped.

"I know, but I can see him in you."

This made Kenna think. Were people expecting her to be like her brother? Was she supposed to be successful, caring and responsible as he had been? She would certainly try for Tristan's sake. Beside her, Leonda was looked like she was struggling to keep up with the whole situation. Kenna turned her attention to 'Mist', he looked a bit pale.

"Mist, are you ok?"
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