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"Mist." Kenna gasped as she rushed to his side.

She helped him sit up while he groaned in pain. She put one arm around him to support him and then let him rest there. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes against the pain he most have been in. You are so reckless. she thought as she looked up at Emil, he had a huge grin on his face, after all of this, Emil was still amused.

"Do I need to put you two in separate rooms?" Kenna sighed.

"Of course not Ken. I am sure your little Familiar can behave." Emil smirked.

'Mist' was just about to get up again after that comment but Kenna held him down firmly beside her. He had just had one duel, he did not need another fight right now. Was she supposed to call him Josh now? She would have to ask him later about that. She liked the calling him 'Mist', it suited him.

"Shall I get someone to help me put you back on that bed?" Kenna asked 'Mist'.
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