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"Ahhhh Miharu, Kiroku..." Josh said.

"The reason is obvious..." He pointed at Emil.

"This man... is a total ass."

Emil dropped his jaw.

"T...thats the only reason you were fighting me, you though I was an ass!"

Josh brushed his hair out of hi eyes and smirked.

"Pretty much."

Emil suddenly had a new lease of life and sprung from his bed.

"You! You uncofisticated, brutish, neanthertalish, common grade, servant! How dare you?! HOW DARE YOU?!"

Josh was barely able to hold back his laughter.

"Haha... I dunno."

Emil was about to say something else when a sly grin came across his face.

He turned and knelt in front of Kenna.

"Kenna, you have grown into a fine and sophisticated young woman, would you do me the pleasure of accompanying me to dinn..." He never got to finish.

Josh had jumped on Emil and was rolling across the floor with him as the two brutally thumped each other.

"Posh twit!"

"Brutash servant!"

The two kept fighting and fighting.
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