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Miharu raised an eyebrow at the two idiots leaving on the horse. "Did that idiot really leave his mage behind? Wooooow..." She shook her head slightly.

"Anyways, who wants to go after the two dumbasres? Luckily enough, someone owes me a favor..."

Miharu took a whistle from her pocket and blew on it. A few seconds later, there was a whoosh. Miharu opened a tent and there was a dragon, black and blue. The dragon patted Miharu slightly and placed her on her head.

Miharu blinked. "Kaida, do you mind carrying two of my friends? The princess got captured by someone riding a dragon; they went South. Shall we do what we usually do?"

The dragon snorted, nodding. Miharu glanced at Kiroku and Kenna. "Hop on, you two."

Kiroku blinked, but hopped on Kaida's back. Kenna did the same.

Miharu smirked. "Alright, guys, let us fly!"

Kaida flew close to the ground, after the other dragon. Kaida was moving fast, fast enough that they caught up to 'Mist' and the guard in a minute. Miharu waved cheerfully at the two on the horse.

"Need a ride?" Miharu yelled, grinning.
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